The nation of Phoenicia is in turmoil as powerful heroes and icons tries to shape it future for good or ill. Will the heroes allies themselves with the Sorcerer King or will they join with the forces of the great Barbarian Chieftain, Armag the eternal.

In this 13th Age Campaign, heroes will shape their destiny and the future of Phoenicia in a high action adventures embroiled in the power play of Phoenicia icons.

13th Age is a mix of 3rd and 4th edition D&D. It does not use miniature, focusing on narration with a focus around icons and their agents.

The Icons of Phoenicia could be ex-PCs from the Kingmaker campaign and descendant of the PCs. Furthermore, icons could also be old and new nemesis from the original Kingmaker campaign that either seek vengeance or power.

The Rebirth of Phoenicia